-Marketing professional with proven experience in creative campaigns,

graphic design, sales and education.

-A strong leader and key team member with the ability to efficiently

work under pressure and juggle multiple projects with an attention to detail.


-Trailblazer with the proven track record to create a marketing plan.


-Highly personable and adaptable with a driving passion to think outside the box.

I absolutely enjoy marketing on social platforms and with my graphic design background, I also excel at all aspects of print marketing.  Creating a positive presence with giveaways and surveys on social media is so much fun and I especially love networking and all the people I have met and the contacts I’ve made.

One of my passions is video and I personally have created and maintained a YouTube cooking channel, promoting and supporting it with a webpage and on several platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 

My background includes invaluable experience in owning a small business.  While raising my family, I represented my fabricated brass and resin art jewelry to women’s boutique fashion stores of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Joseph and New Holland.  Marketing and cold sales was an integral part of the business and I found that I especially enjoy and excel at customer relationships and service.  

I am very adapt at being a leader, thinking outside the box and implementing new directions and paths, but I also work well within a team environment and enjoy collaborating with others, striving for the best in all of our endeavors.



Christina Fogal

marketing | graphic design | sales
Christina Fogal